Flow Monitoring

Access to timely, reliable and accurate flow and rainfall data is critical to municipalities satisfying regulatory mandates to efficiently and effectively operate their sanitary sewer systems. Data collected can be analyzed and used as a management tool for.

– Capacity Management and Certification
– Supporting Data for Planning and Development
– Estimating the levels of inflow and infiltration (I&I) in the sanitary sewer system
– Calibration of Hydraulic Models
– Development and Prioritization of Capital Improvement and Rehabilitation Projects
– Reducing/Eliminating Sanitary Sewer Overflows
– Satisfying Regulators
– Assessing Boundary Flows and inter-jurisdictional payments for sewer services

ICM is uniquely qualified to undertake flow monitoring services and has been performing similar services since 2005 for large metropolitan areas. Activities include:

Maintenance and Calibration

Perform diagnostics on the instruments to assure the quality of the signals and check that the calibration of the instruments is within the tolerance range recommended by the manufacturer.

Data Storage and Monitoring

ICM performs daily remote monitoring of the installed meters and rain gauges. This daily monitoring is facilitated by crews having access to site data via a web-based system. With this web-based system, measured site data can be transmitted, stored off-site and securely accessed over the internet. ICM has experience with state of the art industry software which has the capability to facilitate:

– Periodic manual downloads
– Remote downloads
– Real time automatic downloads using cellular technology software
– Real time alerts of surcharged conditions
– Hydrograph plots for flow, depth and velocity
– Scatter graph plots
– A range of analytical tools, including average, maximum, minimum and total flow parameters
– Export of data to software such as Microsoft Excel


ICM can prepare routine monthly reports. The report will include a graphical representation of the flow regime and rainfall data parameters for each monitor and rain gauge. Data to be reported on routinely are flow, level, velocity and other parameters such as meter battery voltage.

Analysis and Special Reports

The ICM Team can prepare special reports as requested. One of the critical issues that municipalities have to address is the impact of wet weather flows on the sewer system, in particular the potential for sanitary sewer overflows resulting from inflow and infiltration. In order to address these I&I issues, the ICM can use current premier flow data management software to establish seasonal diurnal flow patterns and wet weather flows to generate I& I study graphs and reports.