SSES and Conditions Assessment

Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES) and Conditions Assessments are necessary to get a comprehensive analysis of a wastewater collection system. The findings are then reported that detail the recommendations for rehabilitation, the costs that may be attendant to such work and based on the location, the best available construction technologies that should be considered for the project.

SSES and Conditions Assessment involve structural testing, hydraulic testing and the conversion of data into useful information. This requires high tech equipment to get the job done correctly and our firm consistently invests in the equipment as well as the training of staff to ensure that they are versed in the use of this equipment.

Through these tests, aging and defunct systems can be addressed, unsanitary and unauthorized discharges of partially treated or fully untreated waters can be detected and the occurrence of storm water or ground water entering into municipal waste-water systems can be identified quickly.

To that end, it is not difficult to see that when SSES and Conditions Assessment need to be done, a reputable entity must be chosen to perform these services. Our company has several years of experience with providing SSES and Conditions Assessment and because we believe in continuity, we train our younger employees to provide the same kind of service our veteran professionals deliver each time to all of our clients.

It is no wonder that our clients remain loyal notwithstanding the promise of cheaper costs by some of the newest professionals who skimp on quality work to quote a low price which does not auger well for the long run. Our prices are competitive and our service unmatched. We encourage you to put us to the test and be amazed.

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