Water Meter Installation

Faulty water meters is the number one cause for customers being overcharged on their water bill. In many cases, the customer may go several years without knowing his or her water meter is faulty. Thus, the overcharged fees add up over time. This is exactly why many people are choosing to regularly have their water meters checked by professionals and undergo a water meter installation if needed. Usually this is done with private companies in order to get a second opinion.

With the aging of water meters, the more likely there will be a problem with it. This is usually due to the constant exposure of weather conditions over the years. In cold weather environments, this is even more of a concern.

Some people also have water meter installations performed by private companies if they live in a non-metered area. While this is much less common, areas like this do exist, such as in Chicago. By having a water meter installed themselves, they can save on their water costs regardless of living in a non-metered area.

In the majority of cases, the water meter will have to be installed by certified professionals and signed off. Even then the company usually has to communicate with the water or utilities provider. Sometimes the installation has to be followed up by an inspection from the water company. With that said, you can be assured that Integrated Construction Management Inc will ensure that this is a smooth process.

One of the main concerns when installing a water meter is leaks. Water leaks in the system defeat the purpose of having a new meter installed in the first place as it can greatly increase your water costs. This is why it is important to hire an experienced professional.

Don’t hesitate to use our professional water meter services, especially if you have an older meter. If you have a faulty water meter, a new water meter installation can save you a lot of money.

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