Manhole Raising

Admittedly, there are very few things about a road’s surface that causes as much annoyance as a pothole. However, if we had to take another guess, then our best bet would be manholes that are not level with the street and our guess would be spot on, because this issue poses a great hazard to cars traveling along the road.

What is more concerning is that the manholes that are not level with the street seem to always be located on the busiest streets. The solution to that however is simple, it is called manhole raising. However, though it is a simple solution, actually getting it done is no simple task and as such, this type of work is best left to a professional manhole raising company like ours.

When manholes are raised incorrectly and as a result create distinct potholes, cities and contractors can be liable under the laws of negligence should the foreseeable damage that can occur come to fruition. In fact, over the past year claims against the city for damage include broken tire rims and damaged tires. Of course these are both recipes for a fatal disaster. However, what is clear is that this can be prevented.

Our company uses a time tested method of manhole raising and our professionals have decades of experience. Our processes eliminate the use of bedding and rebidding techniques, so at the end of the day even the clean-up time and expenditure is reduced.

For quality manhole raising, contact us, we get the job done right.